BOLD ll – Patron’s Message

Elizabeth Cameron Dalman OAM, PhD

I am honoured to be the Patron for BOLD ll and am very pleased to welcome you all to this important festival. The BOLD festivals not only celebrate dance in all its many forms, but they also acknowledge and pay respect to our dance elders, teachers and mentors. Making a career in the arts, particularly in dance, is not an easy pathway. It requires skill and discipline, both a flexible body and a flexible mind, determination and a great deal of audacity. One needs to be ‘bold’.
Many of us who have chosen a life-long journey in dance are aware of the pitfalls and the challenges. But we would have it no other way, because our lives have been enriched physically, mentally and spiritually by the Dance in a way that no other work or activity can give us. As well, we have become connected to a huge family of dance artists all around the world.
This Canberra festival is directed and curated by award-winning choreographer/dancer and mentor, Liz Lea, and reflects not only her professional talents but also her passion and commitment to the art form of dance, community inclusion and cross-cultural connections in the arts.
Between 13 and 17 March 2019, BOLD ll will host performances, presentations and forums focused on dance legacy. It will enable dance artists to come together to share their practices and present their performances. And it will enable the followers of dance to experience both the joy and the power of dance to entertain, provoke thought and transform.
In times of social and political upheaval world-wide, the arts stand for unity and for communication, be it verbal, non-verbal, visual, auditory, kinaesthetic or tactile. The body language of dance transcends borders and the barriers of spoken language. Now, as always, it provides a way to reach out to others.
We hope to see you at one or many of the beautiful experiences Liz Lea has designed for you in BOLD ll.

Dr Elizabeth Cameron Dalman OAM

Elizabeth is Director of Mirramu Creative Arts Centre and Artistic Director of Mirramu Dance Company. She founded Australian Dance Theatre in 1965 and was its Artistic Director for 10 years.

Elizabeth was inducted into the Hall of Fame at the 2015 Australian Dance Awards and named the 2015 Canberra Times Artist of the Year. Other Awards include an Australian Artists Creative Fellowship and a National Dance Award for a Lifetime Achievement in contemporary dance. She has been a recipient of an ACT Creative Arts Fellowship and several Canberra Critics Circle Awards.

Elizabeth was Head of the Dance Department at the University of Western Sydney from 2004 – 2007. She has been guest teacher at Tanz Atelier Wien’s ChoreoLabs, Austria and at L’Ecole des Sables, Senegal. She teaches, choreographs and performs regularly in Taiwan. In 2016 she joined Teaċ Daṁsa and tours globally with this company performing in Michael Keegan Dolan’s award-winning Loch na hEala/Swan Lake.

Elizabeth draws inspiration for many of her choreographic works from the natural world often presenting them as site-specific productions. Dance is also her vehicle for making comment on various aspects of our humanity and for bringing awareness to social and environmental issues that concern her.