Registrations open!

link to be provided

Please note: BOLD is not a catered event. This enables us to keep prices as low as possible and reduce the workload on our small but perfectly formed team. There are cafes in and close to all venues and our team will direct and assist you.
Our Early Bird rates are open. They close in 3 weeks on the 4th February at 11pm. If you plan to attend for One Day you will be asked which day and your pass will be colour coded. One Day tickets available for Thursday 9th, Friday 10th and Saturday 11th only.

Registration is a two stage process.

Stage One:

Log on to this link - link to be provided

Stage Two:

Once you have paid we will send you a Promo Code which will allow you to access the various workshops, films and performances underneath the main registration fee. Workshops are limited to 25 places. To keep track of details we request that you register per session personally. It is not possible to do bulk bookings.

If you pay for one day and register for a workshop/film another day we cannot give you access when you arrive. For example, if you register for Thursday 9th - the workshops on Saturday 11th are not included. All sessions listed on the registration page will have a Volunteer to sign names off when you arrive at each session. Please direct any queries to us at
If you want to add more bookings in future you can – contact us and we will give you a code to access the information.
The one event that is not included in the full or one day registration fees is our International Women’s Day event, Females on Form, held to raise funds for three local charities. Tickets are a snap at $35 or 5 for $150 and can be booked here - link to be provided

We also ask that you consider making a donation to Mirramu Creative Arts Centre should you decide to join their open event on Sunday 12th March. When registering the site does ask for a donation – it can be as small as $1. If you would prefer to not donate or give directly at Mirramu then please let us know and we will add you to a separate booking list.

Some workshops and performances are open to the general public also and might book out early. If we have spare tickets we will alert BOLD participants in case you missed out! We will share those booking links if you know of people interested in those sessions only. The film sessions at the NFSA will also be on sale directly through the NFSA website and we can share those weblinks with you.

If you need to cancel we can refund you less the Sticky Tickets fee; eg $100 ticket has a $3.50 fee. You would be refunded $96.50.
Once your day/the event has begun we cannot refund.