Friday 10th March





9am – 9.30am

NLA Theatre

- Camille A Brown
- Jody Sperling
- Darhsan Singh Bhuller
- Liz Lea
- Jo Clancy
Facilitator: Liz Lea

G’day USA Skype talks/film
- the history of Social Dance
- Lois Fuller
- a career in the UK & USA
- Ruth St Denis
- dancing in Hawaii

10.30am - 11am

NLA Theatre

Dr Garry Lester
Facilitator: Stephanie Burridge

- Latent and lateral thoughts about dance

11am – 11.30am


11.30am – 12.20pm

NLA Theatre

- Matt Shilcock

- Emma Strapps and Dr Adam Broinowski

- Sandra Kay Lauffenberger
Facilitator: Garry Lester

- Osteogenuine, a methodology of movement
- The Atomic Gaze and the Occupied Body in Japan; Legacy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Shiatsu in dance practice
- From the Inside Out

11.30am – 12.30pm

Room 2 NLA

- Zsuzsi Soboslay

- Glen Murray
- Lucky Larty
- Laura Osweiler
- Chip Lo
Facilitator: Helen Musa

- Legacies of grace and struggle: remembering our cultures through dance.
- Babel
- TUUMATU Festival
- Classic American Bellydance
- A History of Hip Hop

12.30pm – 12.40pm


Empathy is the Devil


12.40pm – 1.30pm

NLA Theatre

- Sally Wicks
- Jane Ingall
- Gary Frontin
- Felix Manzinga
- Elena Wong
- Sarina del Fuego
Facilitator: Zsuzsi Soboslay

- Empathy is the Devil
- dancing the personal and the political
- One last Waltz
- Dance & music: Zimbabwe
- Chinese dance
- the Art of Tease over time

12.40pm – 1.30pm

Room 2 NLA

Facilitator: tbc

- 98 years
- 85 years

1.30pm - 2.30pm


performance by The GOLD Company

choreographed by Kate Denborough and Gerard van Dyck

2.15pm - 3.15pm


- Simeran Maxwell, Assistant Curator
of International Painting and Sculpture
- Micheline Ford, Senior Conservator Textiles

Ballets Russes Costume collection sharing

3.20pm - 3.50pm

NGA Small theatre

Jessica Ausserlechner

Chateau of spectacle : the performing arts and Versailles

3.30pm, 4pm and 4.30pm

NPG foyer

Dr Katrina Rank
Kym King dancers

Performance: Time Passing

4.45pm - 5.20pm


5.20pm - 6pm

NPG foyer

- Dancecology
- Tammi Gissell and Co
- Patrick Harding Irmer and Anca Frankenhaeuser

- Plastic Time
- Magnificus Magnificus
- Dances for David

6.30pm - 7.30pm

NPG Theatre

Evening with Elizabeth

An Evening with Elizabeth:
Dr Elizabeth Cameron Dalman OAM in conversation with Bill Stephens OAM