Ballet for Seniors with Qld Ballet Ballet class for seniors

Saturday 16th March
9.30- 10.50am
QL2 Studio

As we age, keeping our bodies strong and agile is more important than ever. See more...

QB Ballet for Seniors class is especially tailored for active adults, with a focus on improving poise, core strength, memory and mobility. Whether you’re rediscovering your love of ballet or taking on a new challenge, this is a very rewarding and welcoming program to be part of.
In 2017 Ballet for Seniors was the subject of a research study conducted by Queensland Ballet in partnership with Queensland University of Technology and supported by the Queensland Government's Advance Queensland initiative. Findings show that Ballet for Seniors led to positive wellbeing outcomes particularly: feeling more energetic/animated, keeping in shape, bodily control/awareness, posture, flexibility, physical wellbeing, and overall wellbeing.
Join QB Teaching Artist Joseph Stewart for a QB Ballet for Seniors class and experience the benefits of this class.
Image courtesy of Museums Victoria, Photographer Ryan Wheatley See less...

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Genevieve Dunn

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Joseph Stewart


Sculpting Joy with Sprung!! Integrated Dance Theatre Sprung! dancers

Saturday 16th March
9.30- 10.50am
QL2 Theatre

Sculpting Joy See more...

Sprung!! Integrated Dance Theatre presents: Sculpting Joy, a workshop. This arose from Michael Hennessy and Robyn Brady's collaboration called, "Geography of the Imagination" exploring the workings of the creative mind. We want to help workshop participants to better connect with how children feel and respond to physical movement and touch. We invite participants to recollect and recreate a movement associated with a joyous moment in their childhood. This is a physical door into a playful sensory world. We then play with collective movement: flocking and sculpting, and experience the give and take of touch and the power of shared or divergent gaze and symmetry/asymmetry. We finish as blind sculptors giving birth to clay creations that carry our original impulse into a collective story with many interpretations. See less...

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Robyn Brady

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Michael Hennessey

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Tara Coughlan


Javanese and Balinese dance with Didik Hadiprayitno 3 images of Didik in dance costumes.

Saturday 16th March
QL2 Studio

Didik will share some of the different of traditional dance form in Java and Bali, including West Java, Central Java, East Java and Bali.

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Didik Hadiprayitno


Dance for Wellbeing in the ACT and beyond... 5 dancers, one seated and 4 standing behind chairs, reaching overhead to the left.

Saturday 16th March
QL2 Theatre

In this workshop the Dance for Wellbeing teaching team will share and show the underpinning principles of the program, based on the Dance for Parkinson’s model of practice, through practical activities and discussion, drawing upon their previous dance and life experiences. See more...

Participant Requirements: please wear clothing comfortable to move in, and bring a water bottle.

Belconnen Arts Centre (BAC) received funding from the ACT Department of Health to offer Dance for Wellbeing – a suite of dance classes for people with specific conditions, namely Parkinson’s, dementia and multiple sclerosis.
Under the leadership of Philip Piggin, these classes commenced in April 2017, joining BAC’s well established classes for people with Parkinson’s disease which commenced in 2013. Dance for people living with dementia is a newer area of practice than dance for people with Parkinson’s disease, and this class stream is offered in partnership with Dementia Australia ACT. Building on foundations that were established by the Mark Morris Dance Group in Brooklyn New York, BAC’s pioneering Dance for Wellbeing (DWB) program is an example of legacy in the making, and is offering an invaluable opportunity to Canberra communities. We see our DWB program providing significant stepping stones to the future expansion of integrated arts and health practice, with particular relevance to the dance sector.
In this workshop, teachers from the DWB team and the Arts Co-ordinator from Dementia Australia ACT will discuss the underpinning principles of the program, based on the Parkinsons model of practice. They will share what they are each bringing to the program from their previous dance and life experiences and how they are using their skills to encourage physical, cognitive, emotional and social contributions from/exchange with the participants.
Teachers will invite workshop participants to learn some of the dances taught in the program. With a particular focus on our classes for people living with dementia, we will use scenarios to describe challenges we have faced and demonstrate and discuss what we have learned as we address these. We will also comment on participants’ responses to performance opportunities. See less...

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